Our Story

Let the vine be the first fruit-tree you plant; others can wait their turn.
- Alcaeus, c. 600 BC

Jason Edward Charles, Owner & Winemaker
What then of other matters leading to a well-examined life? To plant a vine is concession to establishing roots.  Through time and stasis, roots develop a system and strength within the earth, entrenching an identity and place of permanence. Which is why the nectar of irony is much sweeter with anyone having met the acquaintance of Jason Edward Charles. Restless as a character from a Hemingway novel, vibrant as a guest at the courtyard feast of Trimalchio, Charles has spent the greater portion of the past decade making the world his classroom. A youth forged from Motor City steel instilled in Charles a strong streak of independence and fierce confidence to pursue his passions of photography, and now the craft of wine making. His post-collegiate years found Charles taking photographs of everything from street life in Mexico City to the gorgeous Spanish countryside. After Europe, Charles moved to New York and waited tables in the Manhattan restaurant industry, where he was hostage to the good fortune of being surrounded by passionate wine experts. His interest ablaze, Charles landed a harvest internship and promptly moved to Northern California, where he worked the fields to learn every possible aspect of the winemaking craft. From there, Charles headed to France to further his studies at Chateau Haut Goujon in Lalande de Pomerol.

After serving the soil, grape and sun in France, Charles returned to work at some of Napa’s most renowned wineries, formally establishing Vinca Minor in 2013.

Emily O'Hara Charles, Enthusiastic Partner

Emily has fallen into wine making by proxy of her husband. It is not her craft, but business is.

By day, Emily is a Brand and Product Consultant, working with inventive companies to create markets for products and services that change the way we live, work, learn, play, eat, and think.

When she's not at her day job, you can find her in Oakland with their daughter Ava or fully immersed in Vinca Minor, looking towards building its bright future.